Pinwheel Samosas

Samosas are a traditional and very common dish among Indian cuisine. They are crispy, dough-based shells filled with spiced vegetables or meat and usually fried. They are a delicious snack and/or appetizer and even better when eaten with different chutneys (tamarind, mint, garlic.) The recipe I’m sharing with you is a fun spin on the … Continue reading Pinwheel Samosas

Gulab Jamun (Sweetened Milk Dumplings in Simple Syrup)

If you’ve ever been to an Indian lunch/dinner buffet, you will have noticed that in the “dessert” section, there is usually a large tray of these “golden brown dumplings” floating in a sugary syrup. They are usually served warm and the dumplings are extremely spongey and soft. The syrup is extremely sweet, and well, sugary! … Continue reading Gulab Jamun (Sweetened Milk Dumplings in Simple Syrup)