Kashmiri Yakhni Biryani

Biryani is one of the favorite dishes among Indian cuisine. There are so many variations of this dish depending on the regions of India or even the family traditions of people. It is a layered rice dish with different meat or veggies, fried onions, fresh herbs and saffron. It is a phenomenal dish that takes … Continue reading Kashmiri Yakhni Biryani

Chicken Kofta Meatballs

Kofta is a type of meatball dish usually made with ground meat. Some Indian versions of kofta are vegetarian and made with many different spices. Usually kofta is made with either lamb, chicken or beef. In some cases, pork is used but this is not very common. Kofta, itself, is considered a “fast-food” item and … Continue reading Chicken Kofta Meatballs

Lamb Seekh Kebabs

With summer in full swing and lots of opportunities to make delicious meals on the grill, why not opt for some kebabs? Seekh Kebabs are minced meat skewers made with loads of cilantro, ginger, garlic, and mint. They are usually made with lamb meat, but if preferred, you can use ground beef or ground chicken. … Continue reading Lamb Seekh Kebabs