Chocolate Burfi

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit an area with a lot of Indian stores, or a “Little India” type of environment, you will have been immediately transported to another country. Most places in America, actually all over the world, will have a “Little India” where the streets are lined with colorful clothing stores, … Continue reading Chocolate Burfi

Mango Pie

With the last week of summer vacation finally here, there are alot of people who are trying to squeeze in some last minute R&R, or scrambling around trying to get stuff ready for the kiddos who start school again next week! Or, maybe you’re one of those parents out there, who is in the midst … Continue reading Mango Pie

Samosa Memoirs

For most people who are familiar with Indian foods, the “samosa” is simply just a dish ordered as an appetizer in most restaurants. Or, if you’ve never heard of a “samosa” before, its a crispy pastry-like dough primarily filled with seasoned vegetables or meats and then deep-fried or baked and finally served with some mint … Continue reading Samosa Memoirs

Masala Chai

Despite the summer heat the past few days, I just can’t stop drinking my Indian masala tea or “chai”. There is something special, almost nostalgic about it and I have to admit – it kind of makes me feel good. The funny thing is I hardly drank any tea when younger. My parents would make … Continue reading Masala Chai

Spice Advice

Have you ever had a really great bowl of daal, or chicken makhani, or vegetable korma or any other Indian dish and wondered why it was so delicious? What was it that made it so memorable for you? Maybe the quality meat in the dish – which is very important indeed! Maybe it was fresh … Continue reading Spice Advice