Chicken 65

Have you ever heard of the dish called Chicken 65? Or, a better question would be WHY is it called Chicken 65? First of all, let me start by saying that Chicken 65 is a very spicy South Indian dish. It is, in my opinion, a Indian version of the Chinese “General Tso” dish. The … Continue reading Chicken 65

Gulab Jamun (Sweetened Milk Dumplings in Simple Syrup)

If you’ve ever been to an Indian lunch/dinner buffet, you will have noticed that in the “dessert” section, there is usually a large tray of these “golden brown dumplings” floating in a sugary syrup. They are usually served warm and the dumplings are extremely spongey and soft. The syrup is extremely sweet, and well, sugary! … Continue reading Gulab Jamun (Sweetened Milk Dumplings in Simple Syrup)