Masala Egg Curry

The one thing I find really satisfying on cold, winter days is a bowl of hot curry, some rice and buttery, garlic/onion naan. Whether its vegetarian, meat, poultry, or fish – there is something truly comforting and filling about Indian curry dishes. Maybe it gives a lot of us a sense of instant nostalgia. Growing … Continue reading Masala Egg Curry

Chocolate Burfi

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit an area with a lot of Indian stores, or a “Little India” type of environment, you will have been immediately transported to another country. Most places in America, actually all over the world, will have a “Little India” where the streets are lined with colorful clothing stores, … Continue reading Chocolate Burfi

Mango Pie

With the last week of summer vacation finally here, there are alot of people who are trying to squeeze in some last minute R&R, or scrambling around trying to get stuff ready for the kiddos who start school again next week! Or, maybe you’re one of those parents out there, who is in the midst … Continue reading Mango Pie