Chicken 65

Have you ever heard of the dish called Chicken 65? Or, a better question would be WHY is it called Chicken 65? First of all, let me start by saying that Chicken 65 is a very spicy South Indian dish. It is, in my opinion, a Indian version of the Chinese “General Tso” dish. The … Continue reading Chicken 65

Gulab Jamun (Sweetened Milk Dumplings in Simple Syrup)

If you’ve ever been to an Indian lunch/dinner buffet, you will have noticed that in the “dessert” section, there is usually a large tray of these “golden brown dumplings” floating in a sugary syrup. They are usually served warm and the dumplings are extremely spongey and soft. The syrup is extremely sweet, and well, sugary! … Continue reading Gulab Jamun (Sweetened Milk Dumplings in Simple Syrup)

Black Garlic Does a Body Good

by Natasha Bhalla Are you familiar with black garlic? Its properties are even more beneficial than white garlic. Black garlic is created by aging or fermenting regular garlic and in doing so, its beneficial ingredient, Allicin, is made even more potent. Allicin is what gives garlic its odor, and after fermentation, the odor transforms into … Continue reading Black Garlic Does a Body Good