Best Tiramisu Ever!

One thing I’m a real fan of is Tiramisu. There is just something about those spongey layers of ladyfingers soaked in delicious espresso and then topped with the most creamy mascarpone and vanilla filling, that keeps making me want to have it all the time. It’s just simply divine! Problem is, it can be a … Continue reading Best Tiramisu Ever!

Cardamom & Pistachio Shortbread Biscuits (NanKhatai)

Nankhatai are shortbread biscuits, originating from the Indian subcontinent, popular in India and Pakistan. The word Nankhatai is derived from Persian word “Naan” meaning bread and “Khatai” from an Afghan word meaning Biscuit. ( Here in the US, we simply call them “Shortbread Biscuits/Cookies.” The different between the American version and the Indian version is … Continue reading Cardamom & Pistachio Shortbread Biscuits (NanKhatai)