Sweet Turmeric Milk

Growing up in an Indian household meant a lot of eating whole spices and spice powders for different ailments. There were a few tolerable ones that were part of my childhood, but there were also a few that still makes me cringe when I think about them. Haha! My mom used to make me Turmeric … Continue reading Sweet Turmeric Milk

Chai-Spiced Mulled Wine

When I was in Belgium around the holidays last year, I found myself walking through the Christmas markets that were lines down almost every street I went toward! There were so many vendors selling delicious street foods and thousands of people happily walking around and enjoying the sites. One thing that I noticed almost every … Continue reading Chai-Spiced Mulled Wine

Masala Chai

Despite the summer heat the past few days, I just can’t stop drinking my Indian masala tea or “chai”. There is something special, almost nostalgic about it and I have to admit – it kind of makes me feel good. The funny thing is I hardly drank any tea when younger. My parents would make … Continue reading Masala Chai